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Synopsis Lacy Heath (Mo Kelly) after 28 years of a bad marriage, she is ready for a single life.  After a busy and exhausting day to fly and meet a new man in her life, Lacy misses her plane, but a flight attendant (Marilyn Ghigliotti) helps find her a new flight through a smaller airport. Lacy reaches her […]

My trip to England to film, Brexit Questions no Answers

On my Birthday this year… I decided to go back to England to see Stonehenge once again. As luck would have it while getting my Tickets, I saw in casting networks a shout out for actors in period attire, that so happened to be filming on my Birthday! I quickly contacted them and got the […]

Canon Pirate Day

I entered the Pirate lair at Parrish Pioneer Ranch to a resounding ARRRR! Oh my gosh, what had I gotten myself into? After many Hugs and laughs, I was quickly ushered into the True West Pirate town. Sitting in my little house of ill repute, I was smiling, ear to ear excited, as we waited for the crowds to be […]

The Day I became a Pirate!

What an ARRmazing Day of being a Pirate. Blame it all on Salty John for capturing me to be a Pirate.I had a WondeRRRfull time, Be it Sea or Dock the True West Pirates Stunt Team left me wanting more. I arrived excited.Saw Salty John Greeting everyone as they entered into this Adventure.Smiling knowing that […]