The Day I became a Pirate!

What an ARRmazing Day of being a Pirate.

Blame it all on Salty John for capturing me to be a Pirate.
I had a WondeRRRfull time, Be it Sea or Dock the True West Pirates Stunt Team left me wanting more.

I arrived excited.
Saw Salty John Greeting everyone as they entered into this Adventure.
Smiling knowing that Salty John is a Pirate with a heart is what makes this Pirate so endearing.
After a Fantastic hug Ahoy, He quickly turned me into a Buccaneer and the show began.
I loved being part of the show even if it was just to make sure props were where they were needed.
After that, the ARRdventure began. Blimey, Batten down the hatches. The Pirates were everywhere. Cutlass and muskets were as far as the eye could see.
Pirates were falling off roofs, gliding down ropes and fights aplenty.
At one point I had no idea where to look next as so much fighting was going on.

But in the end, the Triton was obtained, AYE!
After a hearty show came a Harty appetite so off to dinner we all went.
Soon it became the I have a Hat, nope I don’t yes I do no you don’t Game.
If you have not gone out to eat with Pirate’s you are missing an amazing, laugh or ten beyond time. Have not laughed that hard in months.
Going out with these ARRmazing Pirates gave me a new look on life as I love a good laugh or two. I can’t wait to go back and I can’t wait to be a Pirate again.
Kisses and hugs and tons of love
Mo Kelly

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