She and I


Mo stepped onto the set for “She and I” back in 2014. It stared Leslie Gail, Lydia Green, and Darko Ostojic in a story about two enemies who embark on a whirlwind adventure all across these United States looking for something but ultimately only finding each other. 

Mo Kelly in She and I
Mo Kelly in She and I

Mo was hired on to production to play a waitress. Typically a one-dimensional role, Mo was so excited to learn that her character actually had a brain and was directed to act disgusted when she overheard the two heroes inappropriate conversation. It was a fun character to play but when the waitress was wrapped, Mo was just getting started on set. 

She worked with co-director Peter Crane assisting on set and learning more and more about the production side of making films. Even though Mo had spent almost her entire life around sets she never really knew how the sausage was made but on the set of, She and I she got an introductory course taught by a veteran director who has been making amazing content since the 70’s.

Mo had an absolute blast on set and learned that making films was just as much fun as being in them and credits her time on set for getting her more involved in the process. The highlight of the project was the last after credit scene where they introduced the gang, including MO! See if you can find her on the back of a motorcycle after the credits. 

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