Lacy Heath (Mo Kelly) after 28 years of a bad marriage, she is ready for a single life.  After a busy and exhausting day to fly and meet a new man in her life, Lacy misses her plane, but a flight attendant (Marilyn Ghigliotti) helps find her a new flight through a smaller airport. Lacy reaches her destination only to find her only means of communication, needs charging and falls asleep in the process.  Upon waking up to an empty airport, with no sign of life in any form what so ever, Lacy comes to the only conclusion there can be, she is dead and alone in purgatory. After this realization, however, a security guard (Tom Proctor) shows up to give her hope for companionship in the afterlife. 

BTS. LAIDOVER! We all had a blast filming this suspense comedy. Nothing is more humbling then when you realize this location was a real working airport. Not a sound studio. The footage we got was exciting and incredable, A very special thanks to St. George Airport.

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