Hypnosis Gone Wild

Hypnosis Gone Wild is a live hypnosis show from the mind of Mo Kelly. A mesmerizing hour of mind-blowing hypnosis and hilarious laughs guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Check back for tour dates or if you want Hypnosis Gone Wild to come to your town for corporate events, bachelorette parties, show openers, and more; contact Mo at mo@mocomedyentertainment.com today!


Hypnosis Gone Wild


Hypnotizing Amelia Johnson on the Red Carpet

Kiss the monkeys, an amazing circle of professionals that stay connected with charity drives, galas, workshops, seminars, and events. Had a wonderful Red Carpet event.

I was talking to Amelia Johnson about Hypnosis Gone Wild. She then said she could not be hypnotized right as it was our turn to step onto the Red Carpet. Well, you know what happens when you say CAN’T to me? I have to quickly turn it into an I CAN. I was beyond grateful, Mark Sevier caught the whole thing on camera as this was not planned at all just us having some fun on the Magic carpet. In the background, you can hear Donna Dymally Photography and Jenna Urban of Urban Media.

Kathryn Grant –

Mesmerizing Mo is absolutely amazing. I have seen hypnotists before and it always seems to be unreal, like people are just acting along with it. With Mo you watch her hypnotize someone one on one and there is no doubt that the person was in fact hypnotized. And doing a whole group, one after another like a wave was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen a hypnotist do. The show was truly enjoyable to watch, well worth it and a lot of fun.

George Gold –

Mo has amazing Hypnotic skills combined with beauty and talent. Her ability to quickly hypnotize people into a deep trance is uncanny. She utilizes advanced methods which make use of both hemispheres of the brain. Once the subjects are hypnotized, hold on to your seats! You are in for a heck of a ride and for falling-off-your chair laughter! Mo can be racy yet very tasteful. No matter what, don’t miss out on the Mo experience.

Tara Cat –

The show tonight was GREAT!! Super funny!! Thanks  MO for all the laughs!

Alan Birdsell –

OK troops! Listen up! We have a special guest in the area this Friday! For one night only the beautiful, naughty, funny and suggestive Mesmerizing Mo! Mo will be bringing her adult oriented hypnosis show to the Grail this Friday