Sotheby’s to Auction Personal Collection of Marsha and Robin Williams

Robin Williams gone but not forgotten 

I arrived at Sotheby’s a little behind due to just getting out of a meeting. I needed to check in with the front desk before they let you go up. Good choice, make good choices.

I saw two gentlemen trying to get clearance ahead of me.  As I stood watching the guard trying to communicate with these two gentlemen who did not understand English. I suddenly got very interested.  I always find it interesting to see how others deal with language barriers. Most are beyond polite, as were these two.

Finally, the guard got ahold of someone on the phone and handed the phone to one of the gentlemen who spoke fluid, I am not sure maybe Japanese?

What sent me into a fit of giggles is the guard handed one of them the phone who spoke to whoever. Then he bowed to the guard as he gave back the phone. The guard then spoke into the phone only to find whoever was on the phone hung up. The poor guard had to start all over, with me having a fit of giggles.   


It turns out that the whole reason for me having to wait to watch this entertainment was due to it delayed me just long enough to catch up with Kiss the Monkeys, Al Harris, and Harry Kieman. So I not only got entertained but also was able to enter with Style. LOVE THAT! 

Arriving at Sotheby’s I quickly spotted David Harrison Levy, Honorary Mayor of Beverly Hills, who actually was the one to invite me and quickly gave me an awesome hug. (I am all about Hugs, can never get enough) Then David went from hugs to embarrassing me, telling everyone I am “the great Mo Kelly” haha. Yes, I am Mo Kelly not sure how great but it did make me feel so special and wanted so even if I was blushing I felt proud that David is my friend.

After that, it was to look at Robin Williams private Collection. I am going to say this that I know is not very popular. THERE was not much to look at. A few paintings as in 3. A few this and that’s. I wish I had taken the book so I could have seen more of the collection. Lesson Learned. 

Truthfully I found the whole thing beyond sad. This amazing Man, Comedian, who worked his butt off to get where he was, to be reduced to a few this and that’s, A bunch of strangers looking at your life kinda judging who you are by your stuff.

Please EVERYONE, if you ever get to this point, just leave, Quit, and do something different that makes you happy, You only owe it to you and yours. We are here for such a short time. Does not matter in the end if you were great at your job or if your path is what everyone tells you to be on. What matters is being the best you can be and that includes being happy within yourself. 

It was an amazing day happy sad and lots of giggles but in the end, it was life and for that, I will never close my eyes but embrace it!

Kisses and hugs and tons of love                                Mo Kelly


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