Canon Pirate Day

I entered the Pirate lair at Parrish Pioneer Ranch to a resounding ARRRR!

Oh my gosh, what had I gotten myself into? After many Hugs and laughs, I was quickly ushered into the True West Pirate town. Sitting in my little house of ill repute, I was smiling, ear to ear excited, as we waited for the crowds to be seated.

The town slowly came awake as they inquired about Capt Morgan and the Triton. Suddenly the town exploded, as Capt Morgan flew across the town from her zip line, as Cannons went off. Be it pushed or Shot, Pirates were falling off roofs, fighting with cutlasses, with swords, axes, shooting muskets, and in general pure mayhem.   What was this Madame supposed to do? The only thing I could do, Flirt with these salty dogs. After all, a Daubloom is a Daubloom and this Wench is in the business of pleasure. Suddenly a pirate grabbed me and tried to have his way with me! “Not without a Daubloom you scallywag” As the cannons and Blunderbuss kept going, Pirates fell and fought until finally, the Triton was obtained to a resounding ARRR. Then it was back to the Rum!

After this wonderful show, we Pirates were available for Photos, as Canon had camera’s and Lenses for all to try. Then it was back to rewind to do it again. The crowds were so big we actually had to do a third show. This show was a bit different though as Salty John tried to shoot his musket, but alas, his flint was wet, so he fired nothing. I laughed at his silliness, when much to my surprise he shot ME! I was in such shock that I did not even realize what happened until I fell into my Chair. Salty John, you are off to Davy Jones Locker! Beware! 

I had such an amazing time and can’t wait to go back but for now, I had to hurry up and make my way to the next event. Get a few hrs sleep and hit Kaotic Radio in the morning. 

Kisses and hugs and tons of love……Mo Kelly


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