My trip to England to film, Brexit Questions no Answers

On my Birthday this year…

I decided to go back to England to see Stonehenge once again. As luck would have it while getting my Tickets, I saw in casting networks a shout out for actors in period attire, that so happened to be filming on my Birthday! I quickly contacted them and got the welcome aboard. I quickly hit Gasoline Alley the costume shop and rented an outfit. Huzzah!


Due to the government shutdowns not only did I get business class tickets at the economy price but they also came with the airport lounge both ways. I have to tell you I am now a bit spoiled and will, from now on look for this wonderful perk. Flying NORWEGIAN was a perk in itself. The flight attendants were delightful and the food very tasty. I not only caught up on a few movies but got some this and that’s done.

After landing it was off to Paddington London, to THE CHILWORTH HOTEL. I have to admit I was a bit nervous looking at the outside of the hotel as it looked like someone’s apt building. But boy oh boy was I in for a delightful surprise. When I arrived I was a bit Jet Lagged, Thankfully this hotel knew just what to do. They quickly seated me on the couch handed me a Hot Towel, then a glass of orange juice to perk me up a bit, I felt right at home.  After that, it was check into this adorable room where I quickly took out my outfit to make sure it was ready for filming. I then went downstairs to enjoy an amazing steak dinner and a glass of wine. Well, I might have had more than a glass because you know ‘Birthday’ grin! When I went to my room they already turned down my bed complete with a little sachel of chocolates, earplugs and this small tube of ELEMIS quiet mind temple balm. If you are ever in Paddington London, I highly recommend The Chilworth.

The next day after a very short walk to the train station, where Ryuu, made friends with the porters, helping to ensure we were headed on the corect Train. It was off to Botney Bay. I have to say England really got it right with transportation by way of the train. After you ‘mind the Gap’ the seats are quite cozy and many of them have a little trolly with food and drinks. Arriving in Broadstairs I was suddenly very aware of how chilly England is and was very thankful I had gloves. Arriving at THE BOTANY BAY HOTEL, I was again taken aback by how kind and warm everyone was and was taken to a room that reminded me of the room in Mary Poppins. I could practically see Mary Poppins as I looked at the tea and biscuits and started humming a spoon full of sugar. I went to the dining area and had, to die for, short ribs. Knowing I was filming the next day I forgo the wine and instead had some very lovely tea and a good night’s sleep.  The next morning I woke up ate a quick breakfast and off to the beach, I went to film. Where I met face to face Mr. Alexander Loan. I then discovered that I was to RUN down the beach a thousand times in heals in the sand! I LOVE ACTING! It was very surreal to be running down a beach, in England, with the Union Jack on one’s birthday. I highly recommend it! What was very fun was at lunch they brought out tea with milk, and sausage pies, I felt English all the way down to my toes. I love checking out the local way. After filming some of the crew came back to the hotel with me for a Birthday Toast. I must say this was a wonderful birthday! 

I then headed to Stonehenge on the train after getting amazing directions from a very kind stranger. It was a lovely ride, I got a baguette, Bree and a split of wine, making for one of the most peaceful journeys I have had in a long time. I arrived at the amazing, LEGANCY ROSE AND CROWN HOTEL. At first, I thought I might have landed in a Castle, to discover it was a13th century coaching inn with so much history  It is vast yet very warm and inviting. My room called Stonehenge was massive yet calm and peaceful. Venturing outside I caught the most peaceful lake with loons in which I got some wonderful footage that I will be using it as a relaxation tape. I know Stonehenge was not the bigger henge but it still calls to me. The history, the mystery and I honestly do feel a difference in the air going into the Henge. Maybe that is just me but I have to say this trip to England was pure joy! I loved every bit of it and look forward to going back. Kisses and hugs and tons of love.

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