Chex Commercial

Chex Mix Commercial

Mo Kelly’s commercial credits were recently updated when she helped Chex Mix introduce the concept of “Picking Your Mix with Chex Mix”. She played Linda, a woman who tempts Lady Luck by finding her best mix, she wins the lottery. Will everyone who eats Chex Mix win the lottery? Perhaps if you choose the right mix, but Mo won the acting lottery landing this gig that has been seen nationwide including on your local “Gas Station TV”.

Shooting began June 13th of 2017 and was a short one day shoot. However, the commercial has lived on much longer than anyone would have imagined. It ran from July to March of 2017 but Chex Mix was so happy with its performance the commercial spot was picked back up to start running again in July of 2018. It has reached over 1 million views on the Chex Mix youtube channel and continues to grow every day.

Director David Shafei and World War Seven Productions helped create the commercial spot that has gone viral. One of the best things Mo remembers was being told to be as excited that she just won 25 grand. As soon as she got to that level it looked like the whole crew had won 25 grand as well. 

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