Killer Kids

MO Kelly is: Joan Witt

In 2013 Mo Kelly was offered the part to play Joan Witt on a 44 Blue Productions project for Crime & Investigation network. A documentary-style show that uses reenactments that portrays real life children committing horrible crimes, oftentimes against their own parents. Mo had the opportunity to play, Joan Witt, a mother who unwittingly finds herself the victim of her own daughter’s murderous crimes.

“It was a blast!” Mo described the shoot. “They put a gatorpad on me and I got to be thrown around the house knocking into the walls, furniture, and everything.” Production let her do her own stunts and she found that stunt work was also just as fun as acting. The pièce de résistance was the final scene where she got her own death scene.

“I was a little disappointed that they couldn’t show anything for network TV,” Mo describes her death. “But it was fun screaming at the top of my lungs pretending to be stabbed a hundred times.”

Even though it was shivering cold on that November shoot, she bared the elements and they got their shots. Blood covered everything and she thought it was a shame they would have to waste so many perfectly good clothes and sheets but quickly learned productions had a trick up their sleeve. They used shaving cream to get the blood out of everything and the movie magic soon made everything disappear. 

Killer Kids was a very untraditional role for Mo to play, she was far removed from her comedy background which made Killer Kids that much more of a unique story to tell. She hardly gets a chance to cry and has never died before bringing this credit to one of her most ambitious efforts to date. She hopes to have more opportunities to play more serious roles in the coming future.

Check out the clip for more about KILLER KIDS.

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