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Nation's Fire Mo Motorcycle

Nation’s Fire may be one of Mo’s favorite shoots to date. She was hired on for a small role as Trailer Park biker Babe, and to do some small motorcycle stunts, but soon made a name for herself on set in other capacities. When she was needed to step up as a body double for one of the other riders, she was eager to jump on the opportunity to ride her own limited edition 2017 Harley Sportster, fondly named Baby Girl. Of Course, being Mo she had to make sure her Baby is purple. Thinking about the whole shoot still gives Mo a big grin on her face as she not only met some amazing friends but challenged herself to learn new wonderful ways. Mo looks forward to using her motorcycle skills again on future projects. Keep the Shiny side up! 

Directed by Thomas J Churchill and starring Bruce Dern, Lou Ferrigno Jr, Kristen Renton, Gil Bellows, Nation’s Fire is set to release in 2017 and it’s exactly the type of movies Mo would have watched herself even if she wasn’t part of the crew. However, she now gets to look out for not only her role but the stunts she did as well. 

Whether she was setting crash pads for the next fight scene or rolling down set on two wheels riding in a group, Mo found her love for acting and motorcycles parlayed perfectly into stunt work and she relishes the opportunity to work on more stunts. She has so many good things to say about her time on Nation’s Fire but the best outcome was the experience inspired her to get her own Harley Davidson, of course in purple.

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